Bespoke Hand-Made Silver Gelatine Printing

I offer a bespoke service for hand made silver gelatine prints made in the darkroom. All projects will be based on quotation but there’s a price list below to get an understanding of pricing. For any enquiries on this service please email

Using Ilford paper, home-made chemicals & toner (as well as some Ilford chemicals), I can produce prints on fibre based paper or resin coated paper and up to 20x16 at present.

Here is a little price list for standard stock paper:

Resin Coated Paper (Ilford MG IV RC)

5x7 RC- £16

10x8 RC- £27.50

11x14 RC- £40

12x16 RC- £45

16x20 RC- £75

Fibre Based Paper (Ilford multigrade FB classic)

5x7 FB- £32

10x8 FB- £44

11x14 FB- £60

12x16 FB- £66

20x16 FB- £85

I can spot your prints for an extra fee- this means that any dust spots on your negs I remove by hand after the print has dried… this is a whole craft with in its self! 

What’s the difference in paper?

Well that’s a big question that I will write a blog post on. But as a quick reference; fibre based paper (FB) has greater archival qualities, it is capable of giving off more tones, tones well and is what I would consider an exhibition, collection or exhibition paper. It’s the crème de le crème. 

That is not to say that resin coated paper ( RC) is bad or rubbish or not exhibition worthy. Some of my best prints have been made on RC paper. It’s quicker to process & there are not as many steps invoked. RC paper has come along way and Ilford’s latest RC paper has an excellent tonal rendition & takes to toning quite well.