How do I send you my film or negatives to print?

select the service you require and then at checkout you will be charged return postage. Then send us the film to 41 Woodsmoor lane SK2 7AZ and we’ll take it from there! 

 What is your turn around time?

up to 5 working days for film processing and up to 2 weeks for prints.

What paper do you use for prints?

we use a mixture depending on two things. Stock/ availability at the time and also what the intended out come is. But we mainly use Ilford and Foma papers… Fomabrom being one of our favourite FB papers and Ilford Multigrade as one our favoured RC papers.

how do you know my film will work with your bespoke developers? 

extensive test and research. We constantly test and retest new emulsions… when we come across or here of new emulsions we shoot test rolls so that we’re already a step a head of your order. Our recent tests where for the lomo films Fantom and Babylon two super slow films (iso 8 and 13 respectively)! 

How much is shipping?

shipping is a flat rate of £5; if shipping is significantly under then we will refund then difference! But we believe this will even its self out in terms of negatives and lighter/ smaller packages can be sent quicker while the heavier/ bulkier orders will be sent a touch slower but still swift! If an order is made that is ludicrously above £5 IE 100 rolls of film, some chemistry, ten large prints and bicycle… then we’ll be in touch to settle the extra charges before sending them items off!