Film Processing

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All of our film processing is done with either home-made chemistry (black & white) or Bellini Photo chemistry (C41 & E6). The black and white is developed by hand in a Paterson tank or trays. The C41 & E6 are both developed via machine. 

Our scanning is done on a Fuji Frontier SP3000 and each frame is colour matched and the density corrected. We offer ultra high resolution scanning for TIFF files up to 250MB via our proprietary CMOS sensor hardware & software, this method of scanning gives high res and low grain images with a full compliment of tones. We will also colour grade & tone map the images to your specification.

The home-made developer is a staining developer that gives excellent tonal rendition and is super sharp. This developer will allow a full range of shadow detail without clipping highlights. The grain is masked due to the stain allowing for excellent enlargements. 

Prices starting from £6.

Our turn around times for this service is 5-12 working days, depending on process & scanning method (E6 is not as popular as it used to be!). We can do rushed job for an extra cost; get in touch for more details. 

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