Giclée Printing

Need some giclée prints doing? Get in touch. 

Nothing looks as good as a well printed photograph. Nothing feels like well printed photograph on the right paper stock. Having your work printed should be multi-sensory. It should feel, as well as look, like quality. 

I am a self-proclaimed lover of paper; I think this is a biproduct of printing traditionally in the darkroom & in Platinum/ Palladium for many years- I am always testing new stock to bring the very best papers to the table.

All workflow is colour managed and I am constantly calibrating the printer & to make sure it is in excellent condition. Ready to print your work. 

At present I offer a small but wonderful selection of photographic paper on gloss, lustre/ satin or matte.

I offer a dedicated range of fine art paper. A museum rag which has subtle undulations & medium white base (amazing for landscape work), a semi-gloss FB paper stock which has a slightly warm paper base (excellent for portraiture & beach scenes or seascapes) and a cotton rag paper stock that has a subtle texture & a bright white base ( goes hand in hand with high key, colourful work). 

I can also print on traditional hand made Japanese washi paper. This would be used for special projects, where a super thin paper is needed. It works well with soft and subtle images. 

Prices starting from £4.70.

Our turn around time for this is usually 4-5 working days, although most of time it is fulfilled a lot quicker & if you needed them urgently then just ask we can rush your job for a small fee.

Want to know more, get in touch.