Professional Services

I take my role as your go to creative support very seriously. Due to this I am extending that role by offering you my services in broader capacity than just film lab & print studio. 

I am offering services such as digital editor, technical assistant, second shooter etc. this way we can create a synergy that will only strengthen working relationships & your work. 

To elaborate:

  • as digital editor I would make sure your film scans & digital images translate well from one to the other. By colour grading and tonal mapping your digital workflow I can create a look and feel that would be akin to anything I've scanned for you. Furthermore, if you just want me to work on your digital files, I can do this too. We can work together to create your bespoke & prefect look and feel.    
  • I can help you transition your workflow from purely digital into a hybrid workflow. Help you start to bring film to your clients. Troubleshoot film stocks or lenses etc.
  • As a technical assistant, I can set up studio or on location lighting. Help you get the most out of your film or digital camera whilst on site working. I can load and unload films safely under pressure (any wedding photographers reading this will know!). Change lenses. Provide proactive support whilst your on site.
  • I can bring knowledge and expertise to a shoot or project that could win you the job or make your offering stand out. Example would be shooting large format film & making hand made darkroom prints for your client. This would be along side the main body of work you produce.

There are many other ways that I can be of assistance. Whether your established or coming up. I can help & would love to do so. If you feel like I could be of use to you them please get in touch and lets have a talk.