Archival Inkjet Giclée Printing

At Hatter Editions we understand that your craft deserves the best.

As practicing photogrpahers and artists ourselves, we know what you want or more importantly... What you need!

We can help you answer a critical question- Which paper suits my aesthetic?

We offer a fully colour managed workflow- taking the stress & extra work away from you. We softproof, even hardproof when we get a tricky print, making sure your happy and we're happy befor printing.

There is no receiving a file and just pressing 'go' in our print studio.

When we do print, it is done on our extra wide gamut 12 ink printer. With a pigment inkset, which is what you need when archivability is at the fore of your work.

To further enhance the conservation conscious approach to the printing, we spray the work with Hahnemühle protective spray. This acts as a barrier between your work and enviroenmental factors that could otherwise harm it.

We love what we do & do what we love...

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What & Who is Hatter Editions?

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Film Processing

We develop black and white, C41 & E6 in-house. All formats & colour graded work as standard.

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Hahnemühle Giclée Printing

We offer giclée printing on Hahnemühle paper stocks. Our giclée inkjet printing is a fully colour managed & archival workflow. Printed on the latest printer from Epson, which has 12 inks- We can reproduce the subtlest or boldest of colours and shades of grey!

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Fotospeed Photographic & Fine Art Printing

We can produces

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Classic Inkjet Photo Printing

We offer printing on classic photo papers in a range of matte, lustre, satin, gloss & metallic.

This range of printing is perfect for exhibitions, portfolios & competitions. The range is more economical than the fine art printing but doesn’t lack the quality or hands on service.

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Lewis produced a beautiful kallitype print from five individual large-format negatives. This involved producing a digital internegative, which he did by stitching five separate negatives together so skilfully that the joins are undetectable. The finished print is flawless - as an experienced darkroom printer myself, I can't praise his work enough.

Eugenie Shinkle

I was really pleased with the development and quality of my film scans from Hatter Editions. A professional business with good customer service. I will continue using Hatters in the future for my film and photography needs. Overall, great!

Mark Amos

Hatter editions provided fantastic and friendly service, making first class prints from my negatives and doing expert work on enlarging, developing and toning. Lewis knows everything there is to know about photographic paper and darkroom processing and all has a great eye for images and how to print them to look their absolute best. His service is professional, friendly, responsive and extremely good value for money.
When I went to Lewis for a specialist job printing reproductions of Polaroid emulsion lifts for an exhibition, I was so impressed with his beautiful work on the prints and the amazing quality of the archival paper and inks he used. Highly recommended 5/5 stars ⭐️

Kate Brewer