What We Are About...

At Hatter Editions we understand that your craft deserves the best. We are here for your lightbulb moments.

As practicing photographers and artists ourselves, we know what you want or more importantly... What you need!

We can help you answer a critical questions- Which paper suits my aesthetic? Textured or smooth paper? Gloss or matt? What size?

We offer a fully colour managed workflow & Studio Service- taking the stress & extra work away from you. We soft proof, even hard proof, making sure your happy and we're happy before printing.

We will never receive a file and just press 'go' at our print studio. When we do print, it is done on our extra wide gamut 12 ink printer. With an archival pigment ink set, which is what you need when archivability is at the fore of your work.

We love what we do & do what we love...

Want to work with us?

Using our Studio Services you will work with our head technician on getting your prints to the standard they deserve. Have a look at what is on offer

What We Get Up To...

We work with the national & international creative community on all kinds of creative projects.

From printing and installing exhibitions through to making digital negatives for traditional photographic printing processes. We help make limited edition box sets & portfolios but also one off prints made to the highest standards.

We don not just print- We facilitate creative support & solutions too.

Aiming to give solid advice & guidance every step of the way.

We are practicing creatives ourselves and believe this shows through during any and all creative consultations.

We offer solutions others may find to daring... Rusting steel to hang washi paper from for exhibition purposes being one of many solutions.

We are here to help you push the envelope of your practice...