A summary of what is covered in the studio service...

Colour & Density corrections as well as resizing

We will make sure colours, densities and contrast is all corrected for before we go to press. Further to this we will resize and add any borders that maybe required... All part of the cost.

Come in to the studio and work along side our studio team or do this remotely.

You can oversee the work being carried out in a relaxed but hardworking environment and make any changes on the fly.

Access to hard proofs

You will be able to order hard proofs before after some rigorous soft proofing. This will ensure all parties involved are confident with what is going print.

The extra tentative care your work deserves

We do care and look after all of our clients. But we know how nerve racking it can be printing for shows or limited editions print runs and the like... After all, we have been there to! So his service is here to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Studio Services | Work With Our Head Technician

If your after something a little more bespoke or tailored to your requirements then we've got the solutions for you.  

What is on offer?

Image corrections, retouching and manipulation

Our experienced staff can assist with a range of pre-press techniques, from simple colour corrections to advanced retouching of your images. The Studio Service charge includes checking of the file and basic corrections IE overall colour, density and contrast corrections, resizing and adding borders. Additional work is charged at £15 per fifteen minutes.

Test prints and proofs

To ensure the final print is perfect before production we can print you test strips at full size or full images at a reduced size.

8x10" or 24x5" Photographic paper proof print £8.50

8x10" or 24x5" Glossy Fine Art Giclée proof print £12.50

8x10" or 24x5" Matt Fine Art Giclée paper proof prints: £11

8x10" or 24x5" Washi Paper Giclée proof print £15 

Larger sizes are charged at the online price.

Work in the studio with the team or remotely

We offer studio appointments where you can work face-to-face with our head technician. If that is not an option you can work with us over the phone, video call or via email to create your final order.

Printing with the studio gives you additional print options not available with our automated online service. This can give you total control over your printing and peace of mind that we are overseeing the whole process.


Don’t see your preferred Giclée paper?

Hatter Editions offers a wide range of papers.  However, if you don’t see what you need, please do get in touch as we can source most media. To add your paper to the range we charge an initial set up fee charge of £125, acquire and profile the paper, and prints are priced at a studio rate. We will then add the paper to our range for your future print order requirements.

All work carried out in the studio service is subject to a studio surcharge. This is cover the extra work we take out to make sure your work is at its best. Please read the columns below to see how this works. You will only pay this on printing. 

Are you thinking of printing for an exhibition or a limited run of prints?

Get in touch and lets talk about how we can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Giclée Print

    Dave wants a 20x16 print on Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag.


    If Dave went though the online printing service he would pay £29.


    But Dave is having this printed for an important show and needs it to be immaculate, he wants to proof it and needs to make sure all the colours are going to come out how he envisioned them; so Dave opts for the print through the Studio Service. Dave paid £39.15 for his 20x16 on Canson Infinity Platine Rag.

  • Giclée Print & Mounting

    Laura wants three 20x16 photo metallic lustre prints mounted onto dibond with a subframe on each.


    If Laura went through the online printing & mounting services she would pay £298.50.


    Again Laura is printing this for a prestigious exhibition & she needs the attention to detail, so she opted for the studio service. Laura in total paid £313.73 for three 20x16 prints mounted on Dibond. This is because the studio charge only applies to prints- not mounting.

  • Printing An Edition

    Lou wants their work printed as a giclée print as an edition of 20. Lou wants them to be printed on Canson Edition Etching at 11x14.


    If Lou went through the online printing for they would pay £14 each print. Totalling in a cost of £280.


    Lou wants to proof these and would like to oversee initial production and work with the studio team to get her editions perfect. So they opt for the studio service. Lou pays £18.9 for the initial print but only pays £16.64 for the other nineteen. Paying in total £335.06 over the course of her editions being printed. This is because when printing an edition you get a discount on all prints in that edition after the master copy.

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