Hatter Editions Ltd is an independent, professional and family run print studio & film lab.

We aim to give the best possible service- quality over quantity. We offer film processing that is colour graded as standard- no matter who you or where you are. Our prints are made on the latest 12 ink Epson printer it has an extremely wide colour gamut.  Using paper from the finest paper manufacturers globally and a fully colour managed workflow, you can rest assured accuracy, longevity and high quality is a sure thing. 

We come from a darkroom and hybrid practice- one of us is an alternative process photographer & the other a silver gelatine, C-type and Giclée printer. We’ve worked as technicians, lectures and ran our own workshops privately and publicly. We’ve got plenty of passion for what we do and a lot of know how to!

So if your after a professional printing studio and/or film lab with years of experience in the various fields we offer… you’ve found the right place.