About Hatter Editions

Who is Hatter Editions & what do we do?

Bespoke | Professional | Hand Crafted

Hatter Editions Ltd is an independent professional fine art and photographic digital print making studio based in the Northwest of England ran by Lewis David Oldham, who is a practicing photographer currently working on projects locally & internationally.

Hatter Editions specialise in customer focused wide gamut archival printing and high fidelity art reproduction. Serving the local, regional, national and international creative community. 

Lewis comes from a hybrid practice, with lots of hours in the darkroom informing workflows and techniques used on the digital side here at Hatter Editions. 

So if your after a professional printing studio with years of experience in the various fields we offer… you’ve found the right place. 


Meet the Team


Photograph of Lewis David Oldham, director of Hatter Editions Ltd

Lewis David Oldham- Lewis will most likely be your main point of contact throughout your experience at Hatter Editions. Lewis is Managing Director of Hatter Editions Ltd. 


Photographic print of Martina Jones taken and printed by Lewis David Oldham

Martina Jones- Martina works hard in the background. Keeping things ticking over. Martina is Director of Hatter Editions Ltd