Hi I am Lewis David Oldham and I run Hatter Editions.

I wanted to make top quality hand crafted prints available to everyone so I thought I would open up a small online shop offering you these services. So far I've been working off word of mouth & the journey so far has seen Hatter Editions turn into photographic production studio and film lab offering quality digital prints along side the traditional stuff!

I have been working with silver gelatine for over a decade now and have been running my own darkroom and workshops since 2017. I will be running these again in the near future. I specialise in silver gelatine as well as the kallitype and platinum/ palladium processes. 

Oddly, I enjoy printing and developing other peoples work more than my own sometimes. Is it the challenge? something fresh? making other feel mint by giving them something awesome? Who knows. 

Look forward to working with or meeting you soon!