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Hatter Editions

Inkjet Digital Negative Printing

Inkjet Digital Negative Printing

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Hatter Editions are proud to offer the only large format digital negative printing service the North-West.

Producing physical black and white negatives (sometimes with a slight colour for added contrast) which enable photographers and artists to contact print onto a range of traditional and historic photographic papers and processes.

Using a dedicated largeformat printer, loaded with 12 professional inks to print onto the wonderful Fotospeed contact film, we offer negatives optimised for different alternative and historic processes, including salt, cyanotype, platinum / palladium, as well as negatives suitable for printing onto normal black and white photographic papers. Just let us know which processes it’s for!

Currently, we offer negatives printed onto either A4, A3+ Sheets or from 24” roll media.

In our spare time we are practicing alternative photographers, so we know what you need and you can rest assured that our professional services will not disappoint! It’s a service made by people in the practice.

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