Gary Prendergast On The Evolution of His Practice; Part 1

Gary Prendergast On The Evolution of His Practice; Part 1

Gary Prendergast is an educator and image maker based in Stockport, Manchester, North West UK; Working under the name CutShapeMake. You can check his work out here & Keep up with his practice here.

In the next few bite size articles Gary talks, in his own words, about how his practice has evolved and the little ( and big!) nuances that led to shift in approach but with the ever present link to type, design & crafting/ capturing an image. 


For me, the introduction to darkroom processes was a major part of my creative evolution. I had enrolled on a National Diploma in Photography course in the late 1980s, at that point in time my photographic output was mainly abstract, consisting of interesting shadows and shapes that I would find on walks around Stockport. When we were taught how to develop film and then make prints in the black and white darkroom, I soon realised that this was a process that I could utilise to make other images, I stopped using the camera and started to make work in the darkroom using a variety of off-cuts, photocopies and typographic elements, usually through Letraset. This revealed something to me, that I was a designer or perhaps an image maker and not a photographer, in my photography I had always been looking for design and now I was creating it.



The move from the black and white darkroom to the colour darkroom opened up that next stage of exploration. Projects at college that I remember enabled me to use the colour darkroom as a working method were firstly one called The Body, that was basically it as a brief, those two words and a self-initiated project. For the ‘body’ project I focused on the inside of the body and used photocopies of chromosomes from a medical book and a slice of ham, which I sandwiched between sheets of acetate in the 5” X 4” negative carrier. The result was a real eye opener, I had no idea that the result would be as it was and I learnt a lot from that experiment. Experiments for the self-initiated work explored using handwriting, this was a secret written over itself to obliterate it and then taped to sheets of orange acetate.


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