Gary Prendergast On The Evolution of His Practice; Part 3

Gary Prendergast On The Evolution of His Practice; Part 3

Gary ends his talk on his practice by returning full circle. Thank you Gary for an insightful adventure into you methods. Go and check out Gary's website & his instagram 





That work has informed more recent self-initiated work, in which I have been further exploring typographic form called ‘The Shape of Language’. I have returned to using the camera, as a means of capture, although this time the digital camera. Working with a light box, coloured gels and shapes printed on acetate sheets that I would manipulate by slicing, folding and bending to create new forms.





These images were then brought into Photoshop as elements for further personal experimentation and have informed approaches to commercial design work. I use that ‘camera’, the one we all now have in our pockets, to record interesting things I see, marks, shapes and shadows, these serve as starting points for work, work which I allow to happen by itself almost, I let it take me somewhere as exercises in visual studies.


Now and then I get into the darkroom and have a play with photograms, there’s a quality to them that cannot be reproduced digitally and then there’s the smell of the chemicals, it brings me right back to the beginning.


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