Artwork Reproduction Service
Artwork Reproduction Service

Artwork Reproduction Service

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We use a calibrated day balanced lighting, high resolution camera & lens combination to get the most out of your art work.

We then run it through industry standard software to colour match the print & the digital image. Meaning colours will be faithful to original. You will then receive, depending on the service, a proof print, a high resolution digital file & a file saved for web. 

If your having your work printed with us, which most of our  clients opt for then our printer is a 12 ink archival pigment inkjet printer with an extremely wide colour gamut & a colour calibrated workflow. 

We offer two packages; basic colour corrections & advanced colour corrections.


  • High resolution reproduction 
  • A basic semi-automatic colour correction using industry standard software/ hardware & a tentative eye (of course!).
  • A full resolution file for you to keep.
  • A file saved for web for you to use on your socials & websites etc.
  • Digital file archived & ready for us to print if you wanted.
  • 48-72hrs- 2-3 working days.


  • All of the same as basic.
  • A fully & manually colour balanced/ corrected image. Using industry leading software/Hardware.
  • A proof print of the file.
  • A print ready file as well as a high res/ web file.
  • 5-10 working days.