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Window Mounting & Wrapping

Window Mounting & Wrapping

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With or Without Wrap?

Perfectly created bespoke window mounts, cut to the size of your prints.

Conservation grade mountboard and acid free backing board with optional bag/ wrapping can provide you with a ready to sell package for your artwork.

We offer 2 options: 

Mounted & Backed

A conservation window mount hinge taped to an acid free backing board. Unwrapped mounted prints are wrapped in paper, ready to be placed into a frame.

Mounted, Backed & Wrapped

A conservation window mount hinge taped to an acid free backing board, the window mount is wrapped in a protective and 100% recyclable polypropylene bags. Wrapped prints are ideal for selling at art fairs and shows.

How Do We Mount Your Prints?

We cut all mounts by hand, each one is measured out with precision and accuracy, then cut with the finest mount cutting blades to ensure a smooth result. By default we use a antique white coloured mount board and cut a 2inch (50mm) mount, we leave a space for you to sign the print and if you opt to have your mounted print wrapped, we will leave one side of the wrap open so you can slide the print out, sign it and then slide it back in. If you require a different mount colour or a no room for signing then please let us know before hand. 

If you are having your prints printed and then mounted with us then we will require you to chose the next size up so that we have a border to mount with. If you need help please get in touch.

Also note that the prices and sizes are for the printed image not the final mount size. So if you chose a 6x4 then the window would be 6x4 and the mount would be 8x6.

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