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Phototex | Sustainable Exhibition Wall Covering

Phototex | Sustainable Exhibition Wall Covering

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When an image needs to be printed to a large scale or small scale we recommend Phototex, a self-adhesive, removable, satin matt finish wall covering that can be installed on virtually any flat surface.

Phototex is printed on the same machine as our fine art prints; meaning that the quality is of the highest standard and an extremely wide gamut of colours are reproducible and smoother tones/ transitions available.

Supplied in drops or sheets, there is no limit with regards to how big you can print this revolutionary self adhesive  media. Although you should contact us to get a quote for drops. If your ordering standard sizes then you can order above. 

Because it is printed with pigment inks, the material can withstand all weather conditions and will not shrink or curl like other adhesive materials.

Phototex will not tear or wrinkle and can easily be pulled apart if it folds over during the installation process. The media can be removed and reused as required.

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